Clerk Announcements


Judge Hinkle's clarification order has given the Clerk's a judicial authority to issue same gender marriage license as of Tuesday, January 6, 2015. This case is still pending a final ruling from the court of appeal.

All the same rules apply to the issuance of any marriage license by the Clerk of the Circuit Court, in and for Sumter County, Florida. ($93.50 Marriage License Fee)

Both Parties must be 18 or older with valid proof of identification – Driver’s License and Social Security Card

If previously married, written proof of how last marriage ended, Divorce, Death or Annulment

There will be a three day waiting period,  once the license is issued, before the marriage can be performed

If a pre-marital course has been completed, the provider must be on our list of valid providers, and a formal certificate must be presented before the application is processed.

Wedding ceremonies will have to be scheduled in advance due to the time and staff required to process the ceremony. ($30.00 Marriage Ceremony Fee)


Location:              Bushnell, Sumter County Historic Courthouse, 3rd Floor                  352-569-6620

                         Villages, North Sumter Annex, Hwy 466/Morse Blvd                        352-689-4628

For additional information please review the comprehensive Marriage License section of our website