Clerk Announcements

We have received several reports with citizens being contacts by an organization calling itself 'Integrated Services'.  They are advising individuals that they currently have Liens or Fraud charges pending against them with the Sumter County Courts.  They are asking to collect fees on their behalf in order to 'help clear up pending legal issues'.  

Our office is in no way affiliated with this or any other company that would notify persons over the phone of such matters.  All communication of this nature with the Clerk's Office and Sumter County Court system is provided in written form.

This is a typical phone scam that will appear from time to time.  Information regarding your name and phone number can be freely collected through general information resources.  

One way to help protect yourself is to ensure you have registered with the National Do No Call listing.  From their website you can also file a complaint if you have received similar harassment or fraudulent phone calls.