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IRS Warrant Scam Phone Calls

Reports of a new phone in scam have started to surface related to an IRS Warrant. The call is typically a computer generated message outlining that there is a pending unpayable IRS Warrant issued for your arrest and you need to return a call to a specified number (425-616-2822...

Jury Scam Notification

It has been reported that individuals have received a text message or phone calls that they have violated Florida Law for Failure to Appear for Jury Service. They are also advised there is now an active warrant for their arrest and that they should immediately call back a certai...

Phone Scam from "Sumter County Court Services"

Phone call from 'Sumter County Court Services' Scam phone calls reported


All prospective jurors summoned for service on February 25, 2019, Your services are needed, Please report to the Sumter County Judicial Center at 8:15 AM, 1st floor of the Judicial Building.

Villages Annex Services and Hours of Operations

Our Annex Office in the VIllages can provide local access to common Clerk Services and Activities.....




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