Attorney Access

Dedicated Access Privledges

User Request Information and Procedures

An Attorney of Record can now request to have access to those cases filed with the Courts in Sumter County to which they are a party to or a representative of, and allowing them the ability to bypass the need to request documents be made viewable through the normal public records requesting process**

There are two options that are presently available:

  • Single User
  • Gatekeeper Office (development)

A single user would be the typical small office or single to few attorney offices where you do not have a significantly large staff and you do not wish to internally manage your office accounts. This will be the most typical scenario and will be suitable for most environments

Gatekeeper Office is a process by which we will assist you in creating a Gateway user for your office. After which that person(s) will be responsible for creating and managing the staff of their organization. The Clerk's Office will not keep records of the users/passwords that are created by the Gatekeeper. If the designated Gatekeeper User requires assistance with user maintenance, this can be requested by completing additional requests

In order to process your request, you must complete the necessary form(s), sign, have notarized and returned to our office:

Sumter County Clerk of Court
Attn: Technical Services // Attorney Access
PO Box 2587 // 215 E McCollum Ave
Bushnell, FL 33513

Submit viaEMail:

(Application must be scanned into full-color PDF format)

Applications will be processed in the order they are received.  Once completed an email will be received by the Applicant allowing them to reset their password and validate their account information.

** This will only allow Attorney level access to those cases they are a party to. Please refer to the FAQ page for additional information

Completing Your Application Forms

We will periodically update this section with some helpful tips on how to complete your registration forms.  If you have questions not covered here, please review the FAQ page available online or contact our office during normal business hours.

  • Print or Type your form - script writing can sometimes be hard to understand and may delay the approval process

  • Email Addresses - Do NOT use Distribution or Group email addresses - personal business accounts only should be used.  Transmission of sensitive information will be required that is intended for the sole use of the applicant.  Access by other parties could be deemed a security violation and breach of the Terms of Service

    • Email addresses will be validated for attorneys from the Florida Bar Website.  Applications that are received with invalid email address will be processed using the applicant attorney information registered with the Florida Bar

  • Gatekeeper Agreements do NOT require the submission of individual Attorney Agreement Forms.  As a Gatekeeper, you will be responsible for the initial validation of the users/accounts you are creating and verifying that they are in compliance with the security agreement going forward

Registered User and Attorney Access Forms

Gatekeeper Application

System Status

At present we are only able to accept applications for Gatekeeper accounts.  The final development and deployment of this platform has not been completed by the State.