Family Court Fees

General Fees

Dissolution of Marriage and Annulment


Other Civil Filings: Termination of Parental Rights, Adoption, Name Change and Delayed Birth Action(s)


Civil Filings pursuant to:


Chapter 39 (Dependency – Adoptions & Termination of Parental Rights from Dependency Action(s))


Chapter 61 (Support / Custody)


Chapter 742 (Paternity)


Chapter 752 (Grandparent Visitation)


Chapter 753 (Supervised Visitation)


Dissolution Judgment Fee


Civil Dissolutions Counter Petitions (when subsequent filings seek a dissolution)


Civil Cross Claim, Counter Claim, Counter petition,  Third Party Complaint Proceedings filed under Chapter 39(Dependency), 61(Support / Custody), 742(Paternity), 752(Grandparent Visitation), 753(Supervised Visitation)


Each Defendant over 5 (Indexing)


Child Support and Alimony Payments

4% or Max of $5.25

Notice of Delinquency Fees


Contest Fee (NCP contest impending judgment)


Judgment Fee


Payoff Statement (NCP wants to satisfy judgment)


Certified Payment Record

$2.00 + $1.00/pg

Payment Record


Audit Account


Reopen fee




Mediation Fee per Session - Family Income < $50,000


Mediation Fee per Session - Family Income > $50,000